A coin collector’s library is never complete, and Ray’s Coins & Stamps understands this. Numismatic collections are some of the most admirable of all, not only because of the cultural and historical significance, but also because of the aesthetic pleasure attached to them. Unique coin designs are as plentiful as there are unique coins which is great news for collectors. We aim to ensure that we can provide you with an impressive library of collectible coins that span various eras and cultures.

Collectible coins from the past mark significant points in history and we want to ensure that you can keep a piece of that history either in your home, your office, or wherever suits you. We take pride in being able to provide you with rare coins that add value and beauty to your current collection. If you don’t have a collection currently, but you are interested in building one, then our vast library is the perfect place for you to begin gathering coins for your collection.

Our impressive catalog not only boasts currency-based coins such as the 50-cent coin of 1939, but it also holds coins with cultural significance such as The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, and the 2016 Canadian Lucky Silver Dollar.