Ray’s Coins and Stamps offers great library to those who have the interest of stamp collecting. Feel free to observe our stamps as they are in great condition regardless of their age. You’re bound to find something new for your collection that you can enjoy.

Stamp Collecting
Stamps are more than just stickers used to send mail and any stamp collector knows the value that unique stamps hold to a collection. Stamp collecting is a prominent activity that has been around since the 19th century (1840), only 20 years after the first stamp was created and used. Today, the practice continues and provides a lot of fun and education in areas such as history,culture, art, and geography.

Our Stamp Offerings
We believe in providing diversity with our offerings and so our incredible library of stamps boasts culturally significant pieces such as the Year of the Horse Stamp Set while it has pieces such as the Montreal Canadians 100th Anniversary set. For those who have a passion for both collectible coins and stamps, there are items in the collection that offer the best of both worlds such as the Star Trek 50 Stamp and Coin Set.

Have a look and add some new stamps to your collection today!